Plagiarism – The first clause in our contract states:  AUTHOR agrees that all materials accepted by Denouement Literary Agency, LLC are original works of the AUTHOR and are not under contract for DIGITAL, TRADE PAPERBACK, or AUDIO publication by another party. Once you sign the contract, I begin the labor-intensive and costly task of editing your manuscript. During that stage, I also utilize a program which compares random sentences to what’s available on-line. Direct matches are then verified by me for possible infringement of intellectual property rights. If you have stolen someone else’s work and claimed it as your own, you are in breach of our contract and this renders it null and void. And any further submissions to any of Denouement Literary Agency and/or its imprints will be discarded unopened and unacknowledged.  In some cases, legal action will be implemented as is our right.  

Denouement Literary Agency, LLC and its imprints have ZERO Tolerance for Plagiarism.


Literary Agency, LLC

You may also send your request and/or any questions via:

Evelyn Rainey 
Denouement Literary Agency, LLC
PO Box 973
Eagle Lake, FL 33839

If you have any further questions, please use the contact form below. I will respond within 3 weeks.

How do I submit a book to Denouement Literary Agency, LLC?
Please do NOT submit a book to DLA
. Look over our imprints GingerSnap Press

Portals Publishing, LLC and BLISS Books, LLC and choose one of them for your book. Read the Submission Guidelines for each House carefully.

Do you accept self-published books?

No, not anymore.

Do you accept books that were previously published by a traditional company?
Maybe, but you would have to be willing to go through our entire process - be willing to accept suggestions from our editors, be able to develop a solid marketing plan, etc. Be willing to make changes - such as your title, some names of characters, etc. - and add things like a glossary and our trademark Discussion Guide questions.  DLA cares about the end-product and wants your book to be successful, so the process is geared to hone your writing to excellence. Sometimes authors aren't comfortable with that. 

Also, you and the previous publisher have to come to a (legal) parting of the ways. You will need to submit a letter from the previous publisher stating it no longer holds publishing or marketing rights on your intellectual property.

Who are your clients and can you give me their addresses so I can contact them?
I hold client personal information with confidentiality. As a matter of fact, that is part of our contract. I treat people the way I want to be treated – which is not to have strangers knocking on my door in the middle of the night or calling me at all hours. I do this based on personal experience as a published author, literary agent and publisher.

If you wish to contact one of our authors, editors, cover design artist, public relations coordinator or

audiobook marketing expert, please send the request through DLA by using this form:


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