Let us develop a marketing strategy which will help promote your published books.

Each strategy is tiered to meet your finances and individually built to accommodate your location and abilities. 

We will work with self-published as well as traditionally published books, because a book doesn't just jump off the shelf and sell itself!

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1. Authors in search of Publishers

Let us find the perfect publishing contract for your novel. 

We deal with small presses as well as large publishing houses.

We do not deal with subsidiary or vanity presses.

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Please visit BLISS BOOKS and PORTALS PUBLISHING for lists of our published books and links to our authors.

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Look for our ads in The Writer, Ellery Queen, Alfred Hitchcock and other fine magazines!

Denouement Literary Agency, LLC is an innovative and progressive agency which has two goals: to find a publishing contract for your manuscripts, and to create a successful marketing plan for your published books. We have three ways to help meet those goals.

For those of you who have incredible manuscripts and know what you want out of the current book market (25% royalties on e-books, 10% on trade paperbacks, 12% on audiobooks), DLA has two imprints. There is no fee involved in these honorable, traditional small houses. Size of the manuscript is not nearly as important as quality.

3. Traditional Publishing Houses

BLISS Books and ​Portals Publishing

2. Authors in need of Marketing Strategies

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