Portals Publishing believes that every good book is a portal to a new world.

We publish most fiction genres, poetry & short story collections, and nonfiction. 

We do not publish DARK, Horror, or Erotica.

Our books are listed in DenLit Book Store, as well as Amazon and other fine bookstores.

See our website for submission guidelines.

BLISS Books Build Life-long Inspirational & Successful Strategies.

We are faith-based, and we follow the Unity concept of "many paths, one God". Our authors are leaders in ministries across the globe and at home. Most books are categorized as Visionary & Metaphysical - fiction, nonfiction, poetry, devotions, prayer books, etc. 

Our books are listed in DenLit Book Store, as well as Amazon and other fine bookstores. See our website for submission guidelines.

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About Denouement

Denouement Literary Agency, LLC is an innovative and progressive agency which serves as the parent business for two incredible imprints: Portals Publishing and BLISS Books. Both are traditional small presses. 

For those of you who have incredible manuscripts and know what you want out of the current book market (25% royalties on e-books, 10% on trade paperbacks, 12% on audiobooks), please consider joining our family. There is no fee involved in these honorable, traditional small houses. Size of the manuscript is not nearly as important as quality.

Both houses publish internationally and in trade paperback, e-books and audible.

Publishers, we should work together. Dash off a message to me today!

July 2014 - Present

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